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Good Luck Kitchen Witch

She's huddled and folkloric,
has the waist of a dame who cooks with lard,
a scarred anatomy invoked from spatulas
and whisks which missed their marks.

Her nose a wilted vegetable, the badge
of her ilk, and yet beneath her largeness,
her botched and graceless bearing,
I'm stilled by the teacups of her feet.

She eyes me from that cracked glaze,
disillusioned by what she sees in my stockpot.
Maybe it's where I've placed her,
the close company of Siamese
salt and pepper shakers. Maybe it's jealousy,
the way I move freely over linoleum,
slicing carrots into a bubbling broth.

She was meant to bring us fortune,
culinary miracles that curl like smoke
beyond the kitchen. Perfect omelets
nudging us towards love and prosperity,
a charmed life of planned children,
tiramisu and balanced checkbooks.
But she's an uncooperative hostage,
defiant beneath her shawl,
eternally silent and determined
to keep her magic to herself.
-originally published in Pierian Springs

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